California Deserts Trip-Day 2

Day 2. Palm Spring. Salton Sea. San Diego

We woke up pretty late on the second day because we did not sleep much last night. There were BED BUGS in our room and it was such a nightmare. I freaked out and called the receptionist right away. They moved us to another room at 12:30AM. Though, the thought of bed bugs kept us awake all night. I still felt scratchy as if those bugs were crawling all over my body.

The hotel gave us a refund for the room the next day, but they couldn’t refund us for the bad experience. Those bugs still haunt me in my head.

9AM we left the hotel to find something to eat. There were many Italian restaurants around the hotel, but we wanted to explore downtown Palm Spring. So, here we go.

Can’t live without coffee.
Koda: mom, save me some of that goodness.

10:30AM. Jumping back in the car, we were super excited to see the world’s biggest dinosaur. On the way there, we saw a really huge windmill field. It looked really cool. You have to see it in real life to know how amazing it is.

11:20 AM. The Cabazon Dinosaurs Museum was pretty busy. They have giant dinosaurs that you can actually walk inside of them. We did not want to wait in line for tickets because our schedule was tight. So, just walked around and took pictures.

Are you ready to see the biggest dinosaurs on the world or even the universe? Here they are.

Leaving Palm Spring and heading to Salton Sea

1:06 PM. We arrived at Salton sea. It was not an easy drive to the beach as they did not have well built roads. There were so many bumps, sand, rocks, and even mud on the roads. And, driving a Mustang there was a horrible idea, lol.

There was nothing around this area. A couple of houses, a couple of cars and…lots of dead fishes. As we expected, it smelt unpleasant. But don’t worry, your nose will adjust to it. You will get use to the smell in about 10 minutes or so. The view was amazing, though. The whole area was flat and empty which made it look alot bigger. I felt so tiny compared to mother earth.

1:30PM. We headed back to San Diego. It took us nearly 4 hours to get home because of traffic.

So, in general, except for the bed bugs, that was a great trip!

See you in my next trip!


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